Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pool Noodle Lacing

This month's craft is similar to many others already posted. Gail asked us to be a part of a Toddler Busy Bag swap. We were so busy that I almost politely declined but I have to say I'm glad I decided to participate. I made a pool noodle lacing game taken from an idea here: I bought the noodles cheap at Target and used a sharp knife to cut them into 1 inch slices. Each bag got 9 numbered noodles and then various pattern cards for creating patterns with color or numbers. I also bought large bouncy balls and my husband drilled holes in them so that the noodles wouldn't slip off of one end of rope. This was very simple and very cheap to make! Hopefully kids are enjoying these, I know my daughter loves it. We're looking forward to getting our bags next weekend!

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