Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sibling Gifts

Today a friend of Erin and Gail's had their 3rd baby boy.  So they made some gifts. . . 
 These are the front of the shirts: "Biggest Brother," "Big Brother," and "Baby Bro."
 The back of the shirts: "I'm the Oldest, I Make the Rules."  "I'm in the Middle, I'm the reason we have rules." and "I'm the Youngest, the rules don't apply to me." 
Then Baby Finn got a whole set of onesies for himself: "Chick Magnet" "The New Favorite", "A Rob and Jen Production," and "This is how I Rock . . . . And Roll (on the tushie)"


  1. I love these! yall are so crafty. 'the new favorite' one is the best! haha Nice work.

  2. Thanks! Jen liked them too:) The New Favorite was something we had joked about before little Finn came.

  3. Which site did you design these at?

  4. Did you make the sibling shirts or were they off another site?